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Welcome to Potluck, a communal space for curated talented animators to share their work. Potluck is currently a small social media showcase but it aspires to be a platform for artists to gain recognition, attract a following, and hopefully propel them forward toward relationships that benefit the next stage of their careers. We are a couple of writers and producers who have a love for animation but are completely incapable of the technical brilliance you all have to create such wonderful works of art. So we would like to propose Potluck. We will provide the script, direction and voiceover, and you will provide the animation. We all bring something to the table. It's truly, a Potluck.


Here's how it works: Once you are approved, you are automatically subscribed to a weekly deliverable list. Each week you will receive a list of prompts and voice over work. It is up to you to submit what you would like to animate. You have a week to deliver it, and it will be showcased the following week. You do not have to participate each week, although we would love if you did. 


 For more information on Potluck and applying for our exclusive showcase please respond to the form below and attach any applicable reels and materials. We are looking forward to working with you!

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