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Subverted Productions

About Us

Subverted Productions is an independent film and television production company with a focus on original stories. We aim to entertain the audience while expanding their understanding of reality outside their own through engaging character driven stories with themes that resonate beyond their run time. 

It has become increasingly important to tell stories that have an impact on our society, encourage people to challenge their own perceptions and work toward building a more inclusive world. Our films challenge the status quo but share universal stories that pertain to all walks of life. 

The Team

Subverted People

Andrew Lee Ryan

CEO, Executive Producer

Writing and Directing

Andrew is a philosopher and a dreamer. His passion for storytelling has allowed him to share his ideas, however strange they might be, with the world. Typically his writing is existential, and deals with complex questions that do not have a single answer. He enjoys exploring current social issues by writing in the future, alternate timelines or putting some bizarre twist on our current reality. He is also a supporter of forcing regular characters to become the hero they need for themselves on their journey as the audience watches them experience a true emotional catharsis and not just the end of a plot.  

When he is not writing or watching a film, Andrew is exercising, hiking, traveling, enjoying an IPA at the local pub or cleaning up hairballs his loving cats leave behind.

Rebecca Ryan

Rebecca has spent her career managing risk for banks. Watching her husband take on the film industry is an extra-curricular risk she is thrilled to take on. She is the voice of reason at Subverted, a producer in the shadows, that keeps everything in check. Without her the productions simply would not happen. 

When Rebecca is not throwing money at production problems, she is taking photos of wildlife, rewatching her favorite Rom-Coms, running marathons, or destroying a breakfast sandwich. 

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